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A-Z Glossary of Dart Terms

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Accuracy: The ability to consistently hit the desired target on the dartboard.

Barrel: The front part of the dart, usually made of metal, where the player holds the dart.

Bullseye: The center of the dartboard, worth the highest points (50 in standard games).


Checkout: The final combination of numbers required to win a leg or game.

Cricket: A popular dart game where players aim to hit specific numbers on the dartboard.


Double: The outer ring of each number on the dartboard, worth double the points.

Dartboard: The target board consisting of numbered sections where darts are thrown.

Draw: A term used in tournaments to determine the pairing of players.


Eye-line: The imaginary line from the player's eye to the target on the dartboard.

Flight: The plastic or feathered component at the back of the dart that helps stabilize its flight.

Follow-through: The continued motion of the arm and hand after releasing the dart.


Grip: The way a player holds the dart while throwing.

Hitting the Wire: When a dart lands on the dividing wire between two segments, resulting in zero points.

Inning: A player's turn to throw three darts.

Leg: A single game of darts, typically played as part of a larger match.

Match: A series of legs played to determine the winner.

Oche: The line behind which players must stand to throw their darts.

PDC: Professional Darts Corporation, a leading darts organization that organizes tournaments worldwide.

Points: The numerical values assigned to the different sections of the dartboard.


Round Robin: A tournament format where each player competes against every other player.

Shanghai: Hitting a single, double, and triple of a specific number in one turn.

Straight-In: Starting a leg with a double instead of the traditional double to finish.


Target: The specific area on the dartboard that a player aims for.

Throw: The act of releasing the dart towards the dartboard.

Treble: The inner ring of each number on the dartboard, worth triple the points.


Unicorn: A well-known brand of darts and dart equipment.

World Championship: The most prestigious darts tournament held annually to crown the world champion.

X-Out: A variation of the dart game 301, where the objective is to hit all numbers from 20 to 1 and the bullseye.

Zero: The score a player aims for when trying to finish a leg or game.
This A-Z glossary provides an overview of common dart terms, from fundamental concepts to specific terminology used in the sport. Understanding these terms will enhance your knowledge of darts and allow you to communicate effectively with fellow dart players. 


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